Horror Festival Testimonial – June 4 2020

 Filmmaker Francis Galluppi (HIGH DESERT HELL)

I wish I could’ve been there to help answer some of the questions but it felt amazing to watch the audience put it together. Especially to hear people’s own interpretation of certain things.

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Horror Festival Testimonial – June 3 2020

Interview with Filmmaker David Rawlings (SLASHED!)

Really pleased. I was glad to see that audience members really enjoyed it and understood the direction. My favourite moments are when we flashback to the “80s” and it was great to see the audience to get a kick out of that. Thank you for all your kind words.

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Horror Festival Testimonial – May 26 2020

Francis Galluppi
Francis Galluppi

Amazing festival and I loved the video they provided. I’ll definitely be submitting again next year!

5 Star Review

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Horror Festival Testimonial – May 25 2020

Menos es Más Producciones
Menos es Más Producciones

Amazing festival! Great organization and communication throughout the whole process. We loved to receive the audience feedback, since we weren´t able to attend. Hopefully, we can meet everyone next year!

5 Star Review

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Horror Festival Testimonial – May 4 2020

Neag Angela Mihaela

It is an unforgettable festival with wonderful people, full of imagination and talent.

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S Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Oct. 2019 HORROR Festival

S, 29min., Spain, Horror/Thriller

Directed by Juan José Patón

Mary, a recent graduate, travels to Spain for an internship at a mental hospital. In addition to facing the difficulties of living in a foreign country, she will meet the first patient she must treat. This will affect her in a way she hadn’t expected.

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Kushtaka Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Oct. 2019 HORROR Festival

KUSHTAKA, 16min., USA, Horror/Thriller

Directed by Cameron Currin

Based in the 1900s, a recently widowed prospector remains alone in the Alaskan wilderness during his desperate search for gold. Something has been stalking him from the trees. Can he find his fortune and leave Alaska for good, or will he lose the only real valuable thing he has left, his own life?

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Director Biography – Bessy Adut (THE ESCAPE ROOM)

F6ac16de05 headshot

Bessy is a film director, producer and screenwriter resides Los Angeles, California. She holds an MFA in Film Directing from CalArts as a Fulbright Scholar and a BA in Film & Television from Istanbul Bilgi University. Most recently she graduated from UCLA Professional Screenwriting program developing two feature screenplays. She has a passion for satirical comedy and likes to have diversity in her work.

She was a screenplay grant winner in Turkey, she wrote and directed “Tolerance” and “Strange Little Girl” screened in several international festivals in Los Angeles “Pasadena Art Center Film Festival winner”, New York “Brooklyn Art Film Festival” and Istanbul “Akbank Film Festival winner”. She directed and hosted an international documentary “Mysteries of Cinema” and “Inside the Lens” for V1VFX Studios. She has worked as a freelance Assistant Director, Script Supervisor and Production Assistant in commercials, independent films and Television formats. She also taught “Film Production” and “Film Editing” classes in University. She worked as a freelance videographer/photographer mostly for art events and promo videos.

She started her own business in 2015 and opened “Queen B. Film Hive” for all kinds of Film & Television productions. Her dream is to bring her original screenplays come to life and direct movies in Los Angeles. She directed and produced two short films in 2018 “Escape Room: Proof of Concept” for feature screenplay “Shadows in the Room” and a sequel filmed at Warner Bros studios won an audience award “Mask of Revenge” After working on a short film for over a year, she sent it out to film festivals and earned success. Her next dream is to attend Sundance Film Festival and one of Sundance Labs. She recently was interviewed by Shorts.tv about her distributed film escape room to be in the filmmakers spotlight in Europe and US.

Director Statement

We all have inner monsters to chase and traumas to deal with. The reason I chose horror as a directorial feature debut genre is because I grew up watching and loving horror films. I came a long way to make one. Flew to Los Angeles, learned Film Directing from the professionals, then developed my screenwriting skills. Worked on film sets as a script supervisor, assistant director. Wrote, directed and produced several short films and documentaries until I felt the confidence to make my bloody first horror film ESCAPE ROOM and now ready to give my 100% to my first feature film SHADOWS IN THE ROOM as soon as I get the greenlight. It’s been a hassle to make this film happen and I am hoping everyone cast & crew who put enormous, time and effort will enjoy the acceptance and awards from film festivals with me as it’s a much needed motivation for all of us on our career paths and to rewake our team spirit.

From screenwriting to fundraising, production to post production it’s been an overwhelming and exhausting experience for me as a director with limited resources however I believe, I finally made a film that surpasses all my previous short films and will earn the recognition it deserves.