Twitter Short Story Winners for March 2016

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WILDsound has announced their 10 Twitter Short Story Winners for March 2016. The 2nd winners of 2016. Now their 140 character stories will be made into a video. Read the 10 winners: Reunited by DianesDigitals The years flew by with him. The years dragged since he passed. Now it’s time…

Watch CANTATA IN C MAJOR – AUDIENCE FEEDBACK from the Feb. 25 2016 Film Festival

CANTATA IN C MAJOR, 7min, USA, Horror/Musical
Directed by Ronnie Cramer

Six-hundred-five film clips are assembled and used to create a piece of electronic music. As the visual component appears in the center of the screen, the original analog audio is sent to the left channel while it is simultaneously converted into digital music data and sent to the right channel. The digital data is also transposed into traditional musical notation and displayed on the screen as it is converted. The film includes an animated ‘chalkboard’ introduction that explains the entire process.

Watch VICIOUS – AUDIENCE FEEDBACK from the Feb. 25 2016 Film Festival

VICIOUS, 12min, UK, Horror
Directed by Oliver Park

Lydia’s sister Katie died in mysterious circumstances. When she returns home late one night to find her front door unlocked, a series of strange occurrences suggest she isn’t alone.

Watch CHATEAU SAUVIGNON: TERROIR – AUDIENCE FEEDBACK from the Feb. 25 2016 Film Festival

Directed by David Maire

Follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further. When a doting woman and her indifferent son arrive seeking a tasting and tour of the winery, Nicolas sees an opportunity to help care for his mother, as well as prove his worth to his choleric father.

Watch TIME TO EAT – Audience FEEDBACK Video

TIME TO EAT, 4min, USA, Horror/Comedy
Directed by Luke Guidici

After being sent to timeout, a mischievous boy’s trip to the basement leads to a monstrous revelation.

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Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video from the Feb. 25/2016 Film Festival. Moderated by Matthew Toffolo:

Watch the 32 Winning Feature Screenplay Readings

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Since May 2013, the WILDsound Festival has performed 32 feature screenplays at the festival, using over 200 of the top professional actors working today. Watch full readings and winning feature script readings. Over 600 hours to watch! Submit your Feature Screenplay to the Festival today. FULL FEEDBACK: Watch…

SCREAMWRITER, Horror Short Script Table Reading

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SCREAMWRITER, Short Script Reading
Written by Lee Forgang