Director Biography – Amber Rose McNeill (NORMAL PORN FOR NORMAL PEOPLE)

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Amber Rose McNeill is an Australian filmmaker currently based in Wisconsin. She earned her Associate of Science in Film Production at the Los Angeles Film School in 2018, graduating with highest honors. Shortly after graduating she started her own production company in Los Angeles, working primarily as a script editor and consulting producer. Amber’s films explore themes of isolation, abnormal psychology, gender roles and sexuality. She frequently examines and comments on social attitudes towards violence within media and culture. Amber is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film at the University of Wisconsin, Peck School of Arts.

Director Statement

I wanted to make a provocative film that examined the way we consume violence for entertainment in such a normalise manner. I had recently started working with appropriated media, and this concept lent itself perfectly to the medium. By using select clips from horror movie trailers, 1980s TV commercials, sexualized imagery, interviews with serial killers and original text, I was able to create a growing sense of unease that aims to make the viewer reconsider their relationship with violent media. I fashioned together a bootleg film that’s very nature comments on the exploitation of violence, particularly violence against women, that exists as the sexualized storytelling structure in much of mainstream cinema.

Director Biography – Fabio Soares (BITCH, POPCORN & BLOOD)

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Art Director educated at the Applied Arts in the first place, Fabio Soares revealed hisself in advertising during 10 years, through collaborations with international brands as: Orange, Samsung, Johnnie Walker, Cannes Festival, LG, iDTGV, SFR…

Nowadays Writer/Director, his second movie “Bitch, Popcorn & Blood” has been selected more than 110 times in festivals all around the world, and most recent movie “I Will Crush You & Go To Hell” 32 times awarded.

“A study in the result of neglect and abandonment issues”
Oaxaca / Mexico
5 stars out of 5

Director Biography – Cameron Currin (KUSHKATA)

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Cameron Currin is an up and coming self taught Director, Cinematographer, Writer and Editor. His first short film “Kushtaka” was filmed in Kodiak AK, but he has worked on other productions including several Youtube channels, a locally broadcasted television crime series, and more. He is an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard, and looks forward to working on more productions as his retirement draws near.

Director Statement

Thank you for looking at my profile. If you would like to speak with me, you can email me at If you are interested in what I am currently up to, follow me on my website

I look forward to a future of interesting and creative productions, and would love to discuss or help others live out their passions too.

Director Biography – Francis Galluppi (HIGH DESERT HELL)

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Francis Galluppi is a filmmaker with a dark, unsettling tone that runs through most of his work. At a very early age, he would remake scenes from his favorite films using In-camera editing. He later began playing drums in a punk band, and developed a strong “do it yourself” mentality. With that mindset, he is a self-taught filmmaker who has written, directed, produced, edited, and scored all of his own films.

Director Biography – Romén Rivero (NIGHT OWLS)

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Romén Rivero was born in Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, in 1979. Without specific studies in cinema, he read filmmaking books and watched dvd’s special features as his only “film school”.

Romén is passionate about fantastic and horror genre since his childhood and has written, produced and directed three indie shorts related to this genres, including Volver a Casa (Coming Home, 2004) a post-apocalyptic drama; Thánatos (2008) a symbolist-surreal fantasy that brought his first director award in his homeland; and Noctámbulos (Night Owls, 2018) a horror neo-noir tribute to the 80’s cult classics, shot with a $500 budget, a dslr camera and without crew. Noctámbulos (Night Owls) has won 10 internationals awards including Best Foreign Language Short at the Hollywood Horrorfest 2019 in Los Angeles; and has more than 80 official selections in more than 25 countries up to date. Highlighting its official selection at the Macabro Film Fest 2019 (one of the MovieMaker’s 30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World in 2019); the HorrorHound Film Fest 2019 (Indianapolis); the Atlanta Horror Film Fest 2019; and the just 10 shorts selection of the Texas Frightmare weekend 2019.

Also, he shot a 30 minutes indie drama in 2016, Babemba, semi-finalits at film festivals in Italy and Latin America; and wrote several unproduced short film and feature scripts. Currently he’s working on his feature debut, Night Birds, wich expands the Noctámbulos (Night Owls) story.

Director Biography – Bessy Adut (THE ESCAPE ROOM)

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Bessy is a film director, producer and screenwriter resides Los Angeles, California. She holds an MFA in Film Directing from CalArts as a Fulbright Scholar and a BA in Film & Television from Istanbul Bilgi University. Most recently she graduated from UCLA Professional Screenwriting program developing two feature screenplays. She has a passion for satirical comedy and likes to have diversity in her work.

She was a screenplay grant winner in Turkey, she wrote and directed “Tolerance” and “Strange Little Girl” screened in several international festivals in Los Angeles “Pasadena Art Center Film Festival winner”, New York “Brooklyn Art Film Festival” and Istanbul “Akbank Film Festival winner”. She directed and hosted an international documentary “Mysteries of Cinema” and “Inside the Lens” for V1VFX Studios. She has worked as a freelance Assistant Director, Script Supervisor and Production Assistant in commercials, independent films and Television formats. She also taught “Film Production” and “Film Editing” classes in University. She worked as a freelance videographer/photographer mostly for art events and promo videos.

She started her own business in 2015 and opened “Queen B. Film Hive” for all kinds of Film & Television productions. Her dream is to bring her original screenplays come to life and direct movies in Los Angeles. She directed and produced two short films in 2018 “Escape Room: Proof of Concept” for feature screenplay “Shadows in the Room” and a sequel filmed at Warner Bros studios won an audience award “Mask of Revenge” After working on a short film for over a year, she sent it out to film festivals and earned success. Her next dream is to attend Sundance Film Festival and one of Sundance Labs. She recently was interviewed by about her distributed film escape room to be in the filmmakers spotlight in Europe and US.

Director Statement

We all have inner monsters to chase and traumas to deal with. The reason I chose horror as a directorial feature debut genre is because I grew up watching and loving horror films. I came a long way to make one. Flew to Los Angeles, learned Film Directing from the professionals, then developed my screenwriting skills. Worked on film sets as a script supervisor, assistant director. Wrote, directed and produced several short films and documentaries until I felt the confidence to make my bloody first horror film ESCAPE ROOM and now ready to give my 100% to my first feature film SHADOWS IN THE ROOM as soon as I get the greenlight. It’s been a hassle to make this film happen and I am hoping everyone cast & crew who put enormous, time and effort will enjoy the acceptance and awards from film festivals with me as it’s a much needed motivation for all of us on our career paths and to rewake our team spirit.

From screenwriting to fundraising, production to post production it’s been an overwhelming and exhausting experience for me as a director with limited resources however I believe, I finally made a film that surpasses all my previous short films and will earn the recognition it deserves.

Director Biography – Christopher Kadima (THE DUMPSTER ROOM)

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Born and raised in France, Christopher Kadima moved to the United State at 20 years old on a basketball scholarship. After a foot injury, he ended his basketball career and started to study film at the Brooklyn College Film Program in New York. Prior The Dumpster Room, he directed two short films, Demoniac, and Before The Fight

Director Statement

It was a really exciting experience to write and direct this film. We shot it over one night which is not a lot of time with a crew of four persons but we made the best out of it.

It is amazing all that can happen in one night, such as our location being surrounded by cops helicopter and cars as one of the neighbor called the police because they heard screaming in the garage during the scene where the lead actress gets attacked by the monster. Lucky enough their were cool cops and let us go on even tho the place was covered with fake blood!

It was a great learning experience. I’m really grateful to have had the chance to work with an awesome team, everyone was really involved in the project.
The most challenging part of making the film was the editing as my laptop kept crashing every 15min. But with a lot of patience and time the film finally came through.

I’m hoping to have the opportunity to show my film to some live audiences and get feed backs, good or bad. I think that it is one of the beauty of being a filmmaker is to see the reactions and comments of an audience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Christopher Kadima

Director Biography – Gabriel Galand (I’M SORRY)

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Gabriel Galand is an award-winning writer/director from France with experience in commercial and narrative filmmaking in various countries, including the United Kingdom, South Korea, Switzerland and now Canada. Coming from a background of cinematography, Gabriel’s films mix different genres with cross cultural issues such as death, dealing with loss and other social subjects. After more than a hundred and forty selections in the festival circuit, Gabriel’s work landed distribution deals in North America, Europe and East Asia. Now pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production at the University of British Columbia, Gabriel is conducting research on the feature-length screenplay he’s currently developing.


Director Statement


Written by Aaron Gomez, and made in a day, the short is a visceral found-footage film which deals with filicide, which is to say, when parents murder their own children. On the one hand, it borrows from the found footage sub-genre with the grizzly confession of a guilt-ridden mother. On the other hand, it uses a kind of high-key investigative journalism style to project the alternate reality. As the film plays out, the audience must decide whether they believe in what she has to say or the alternate reality in which she is a cold-blooded murderer. The short is also our team’s first film made in North America and in English, but with hidden tones from a culturally diverse crew and cast, from Mexico and France to Colombia and Saudi Arabia.

What makes the project stand out is its VHS effect. The idea came in several stages. At first, we discussed with the writer the idea to set it in a different time, late 90s or early 00s. His script was already a found-footage and I noticed that there were no internet or smartphones so I thought that it was a good opportunity. Our budget was tight (1k) but the writer was adamant that he felt we shouldn’t need to show the actual camera in the film so pretending it was a VHS didn’t require extra production design so it was a good option. Last but not least, one of our producers, Fernando Flores, is an animator, and offered to work on FX for free and that was just too good an opportunity to pass!

Aside from its retro VHS aesthetic, the film benefits from its genre approach into the difficult subject that is filicide. Focusing on the grim reality of a mother confessing to having killed her only child, the narrative also offers a daunting prospect where the child returns to life to haunt her. With her child back and alive, and the community believing all is well, she must now face the consequence of her actions and this time decide whether to kill her son again. Finally, The film was made as part of our studies at VFS, the Vancouver Film School. Although the writer, animator and myself have made shorts before, the other two producers, Celia Villanueva and Adrian Valmonte are first time filmmakers and we are all eager to have the film selected and screened around the world!

Gabriel Galand
Director of I’m Sorry

Director BIO: Matt Burkett ({APOLLYON})

Director Biography – Matt Burkett

Quitting his job of 13 years, Matt Burkett went back to school to finish his degree in film editing. He currently freelances as a video editor, visual effects artist, and content creator—responsible for the online show, “MONSTROSITIES,” which covers all areas of “tokusatsu” (Japanese sci-fi & fantasy films/TV).