HORROR Festival Testimonial – June 24, 2018

I found you on FilmFreeway and your description really sounded like a good fit for my film. I was thrilled with the feedback. I could tell the reader really read my script and took time to evaluate it. His insight was a great help in my rewrites. From MESSAGE FROM BEYOND, by Paige Brien Submit via FilmFreeway,… Continue reading HORROR Festival Testimonial – June 24, 2018


AUDIENCE AWARD WINNERS: BEST FILM: THE DOLLMAKER SCARIEST FILM: IT BEGAN WITHOUT WARNING BEST PERFORMANCES: ADDICT BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: BEAST BEST MUSIC: THE LETTERS Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos: BEAST, 20min., Australia, Thriller/Film Noir THE LETTERS, 18min., UK, Thriller/Drama STALKER, 7min., Czech. Republic, Horror/Thriller GORGE, 3min., USA, Horror ABOVE THE MIST, 8min, Canada/South Korea, Horror THE… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS, WINNERS & VIDEOS: June 2018 Horror FEEDBACK Film Festival

HORROR Festival Testimonial – June 19, 2018

From Filmmaker Gabriel Galand (ABOVE THE MIST)   Gabriel Galand I wasn’t able to attend the screening but the staff of the festival took time to record and edit conversations of the audience following the screening. It was a great opportunity to see people reacting to my movie and having a clip I can use… Continue reading HORROR Festival Testimonial – June 19, 2018

HORROR Festival Testimonial – June 11, 2018

From Screenwriters Dempsey Tillman and Ted Dewberry (RED LIGHT) We loved the feedback. Hearing a reader tell us the story we’ve written gives us great insight toward making changes if and when we do so. The chance to hear our screenplay read out load drew us into entering the contest. Submit via FilmFreeway, the exclusive… Continue reading HORROR Festival Testimonial – June 11, 2018

June 2018 – Read the best of Film Festival Interviews

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6 Interviews in Total of the best of NEW Film Festivals from around the world:  Interview with Festival Director June Daguiso (World Music & Independent Film Festival) https://festivalreviews.org/2018/06/07/interview-with-festival-director-june-daguiso-world-music-independent-film-festival/ Interview with Festival Director Alex Gardner (PHILADELPHIA UNNAMED FILM FESTIVAL) https://festivalreviews.org/2018/06/07/interview-with-festival-director-alex-gardner-philadelphia-unnamed-film-festival/ Interview with Festival Director Oliver Wolfson (THE 60 SECOND FILM FESTIVAL)…

June 2018 – Read Interviews with the best of Filmmakers from around the world

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12 Interviews in total for May 2018 of the best of new filmmakers: Interview with Filmmaker Robin De Cock (TRUMPETS IN THE SKY) https://matthewtoffolo.com/2018/06/07/interview-with-filmmaker-robin-de-cock-trumpets-in-the-sky/ Interview with Filmmaker Sertac Bozkurt (WINE & EGGS) https://matthewtoffolo.com/2018/06/07/interview-with-filmmaker-sertac-bozkurt-wine-eggs/ Interview with Filmmaker Andy Koeger (ROSIE, OH) https://matthewtoffolo.com/2018/06/07/interview-with-filmmaker-andy-koeger-rosie-oh/ Interview with Filmmaker Kurtis Theorin (MARY & MARSHA IN…

June 2018 – Read Interview of the best NEW Screenwriters from around the world:

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23 Interviews in TOTAL of the best new screenwriters: Interview with Screenwriter Bo Liebman ((A) UTOMATED (I)IRRITATION) https://matthewtoffolo.com/2018/05/15/interview-with-screenwriter-bo-liebman-a-utomated-iirritation/ Interview with Winning Screenwriter Christopher Kerr (THE CUT) https://matthewtoffolo.com/2018/06/04/interview-with-winning-screenwriter-christopher-kerr-the-cut/ Interview with Winning Screenwriter Norma Hickox (MAGIC MAN) https://matthewtoffolo.com/2018/06/04/interview-with-winning-screenwriter-norma-hickox-magic-man/ Interview with Winning Screenwriter Mark Hammond (M – DEMON KILLER) https://matthewtoffolo.com/2018/06/04/interview-with-winning-screenwriter-mark-hammond-m-demon-killer/ Interview with Winning…

June 2018 – Read the best of NEW POEMS from around the world:

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Read NEW Poetry from Poets: REQUIEM IN ORBIT, Nick Johnson https://festivalforpoetry.com/2018/06/07/read-poem-requiem-in-orbit-by-nick-johnson/ LESS OF A MAN, by Tierra Martin https://festivalforpoetry.com/2018/06/01/read-poem-less-of-a-man-by-tierra-martin/ WORLD OF GAME, by Mantri Mark https://festivalforpoetry.com/2018/06/01/read-poem-world-of-game-by-mantri-mark/ WHAT HAVE I LOST, by Diane Burrow https://festivalforpoetry.com/2018/05/30/read-poem-what-have-i-lost-by-diane-burrow/ THE TASTE OF BLACK, Saliyah Salia https://festivalforpoetry.com/2018/05/28/read-poem-the-taste-of-black-by-aaliyah-salia/ POWER OF HER EYES, by Hume Poets https://festivalforpoetry.com/2018/05/25/read-poem-power-of-her-eyes-by-hume-poets/ DUST,…

June 2018 – Read the best of new screenplay story pitches

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THE DUTCHMAN, by Robert Morgan https://storypitches.com/2018/06/04/feature-film-the-dutchman-by-robert-morgan-callahan/ INSIDE THE WORLD OF ZOE SANDER, by Suzanne Lutas https://storypitches.com/2018/06/04/tv-pilot-inside-the-world-of-zoe-sander-by-suzanne-lutas/ THE FUTURE, by Jonathan Rumbolt https://storypitches.com/2018/05/30/feature-film-the-future-by-jonathan-rumbolt/ SENTINELS OF TZURAC ZARKWIN REVENGE, by James Raven & Danielle Kaheaku https://storypitches.com/2018/05/30/feature-film-sentinels-of-tzurac-zarkwins-revenge-by-james-raven-danielle-kaheaku/ UNTITLED PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER, by Jerry Kokich https://storypitches.com/2018/05/30/feature-film-untitled-psychological-thriller-by-jerry-kokich/ OSWALD AND THE END OF THE WORLD, by Chris…

May 2018 HORROR Stories, Screenplays, and Short Films

  TUESDAY 10:08AM, 13min., Canada, Crime/Mystery PREY, 13min., UK, Thriller/Horror CHERI, 6min., France, Thriller/Suspense CONSURGO, 12min., USA, Thriller/Suspense MARY & MARSHA IN THE MANOR OF MADNESS, 3min., USA, Animation THE LAST CAMPOUT – FAN FICTION Best Scene ScreenplayMay 2018 Readingby Mike Meade MIRRORS – Under 5mi. Short ScreenplayMay 2018 Readingby R. Harris Smith TOUCH –… Continue reading May 2018 HORROR Stories, Screenplays, and Short Films