Director Biography – Mitchell Branget (DREAMER’S JOURNEY)

Mitchell Branget is a passionate, Canadian writer, director, special effects/makeup artist, and production designer. He is currently attending the University Windsor, studying for his Masters degree in film production. While at the university he has written and directed a number of award winning short films such as Die Kiste: The Crate, and Dreamer’s Journey and has worked as a special effects artist on over 17 films and has directing experiences ranging from shorts to commercial advertisements.

Director Statement

Dreamer’s Journey was the final ‘calling card’ film I had the privilege of creating during my undergrad at film school. Dreamer’s Journey was filmed in six days with a student level budget($3.5k CAD), as this film was originally created for a ‘Senior Project’ class I was registered in while finishing my undergrad in film school. This film is a true passion project in every sense of the word, and the phenomenal dedication from the cast & crew is captured in the very essence of this film. We hope you enjoy our madness,
thank you.


Feature Film Showcase. WINNER best FEATURE FILM for the 2021 HORROR UNDERGROUND Festival Season.

RED PILL, 87min., USA, Horror
Directed by Tonya Pinkins

Halloween weekend of the 2020 election, six old friends ride into red country armed with humor and naiveté.

When the meet an immovable force their plans are thwarted and their fight to win the election becomes a fight for their lives.

Six progressives, one deadly weekend.

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