Director Biography – Amber Rose McNeill (NORMAL PORN FOR NORMAL PEOPLE)

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Amber Rose McNeill is an Australian filmmaker currently based in Wisconsin. She earned her Associate of Science in Film Production at the Los Angeles Film School in 2018, graduating with highest honors. Shortly after graduating she started her own production company in Los Angeles, working primarily as a script editor and consulting producer. Amber’s films explore themes of isolation, abnormal psychology, gender roles and sexuality. She frequently examines and comments on social attitudes towards violence within media and culture. Amber is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film at the University of Wisconsin, Peck School of Arts.

Director Statement

I wanted to make a provocative film that examined the way we consume violence for entertainment in such a normalise manner. I had recently started working with appropriated media, and this concept lent itself perfectly to the medium. By using select clips from horror movie trailers, 1980s TV commercials, sexualized imagery, interviews with serial killers and original text, I was able to create a growing sense of unease that aims to make the viewer reconsider their relationship with violent media. I fashioned together a bootleg film that’s very nature comments on the exploitation of violence, particularly violence against women, that exists as the sexualized storytelling structure in much of mainstream cinema.

Director Biography – Romén Rivero (NIGHT OWLS)

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Romén Rivero was born in Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, in 1979. Without specific studies in cinema, he read filmmaking books and watched dvd’s special features as his only “film school”.

Romén is passionate about fantastic and horror genre since his childhood and has written, produced and directed three indie shorts related to this genres, including Volver a Casa (Coming Home, 2004) a post-apocalyptic drama; Thánatos (2008) a symbolist-surreal fantasy that brought his first director award in his homeland; and Noctámbulos (Night Owls, 2018) a horror neo-noir tribute to the 80’s cult classics, shot with a $500 budget, a dslr camera and without crew. Noctámbulos (Night Owls) has won 10 internationals awards including Best Foreign Language Short at the Hollywood Horrorfest 2019 in Los Angeles; and has more than 80 official selections in more than 25 countries up to date. Highlighting its official selection at the Macabro Film Fest 2019 (one of the MovieMaker’s 30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World in 2019); the HorrorHound Film Fest 2019 (Indianapolis); the Atlanta Horror Film Fest 2019; and the just 10 shorts selection of the Texas Frightmare weekend 2019.

Also, he shot a 30 minutes indie drama in 2016, Babemba, semi-finalits at film festivals in Italy and Latin America; and wrote several unproduced short film and feature scripts. Currently he’s working on his feature debut, Night Birds, wich expands the Noctámbulos (Night Owls) story.

Director’s BIO: Jonathan Brooks

Playing at the HORROR Short Film Festival in October 2017

Jonathan Brooks is a writer and director from South Wales. With a ten year background in entertainment, factual television and promos Jonathan moved towards a career in commercials in 2011 after winning a competition to create a television advert for the recruitment company Reed.

The advert was a big success and Jonathan has been directing and co-directing national TV adverts for Reed and other companies alongside his creative and business partner Mat Laroche. They started Chips Films in 2012 producing and directing brilliant online content for companies including Volvo, Mazda, M&S and Dyson.

Jonathan has written and directed a number of successful short comedy films. “First Press” (co-directed with Mat) was shortlisted for the Virgin Media Shorts in 2011. “The Devil’s Apricot” (written & directed by Jonathan) won Judges Commendation at the Reed Short Film Awards 2012 and both the Picturehouse Picks Award and Runner Up Best Short Film at the Cofilmic Film Festival 2012. His latest short film, Milk Man was recently completed and is a short version of feature film of the same name.

Director’s BIO: Rodrigo Atienzar Jimenez

Playing at the HORROR Short Film Festival in October 2017

Director Biography

Director the darkness keeper

Hi, I’m Rodrigo. I got seriously infected by the virus of cinema in 1986 , when my father took me to see the filming of ” Amanece que no es poco ” . Since that day , the cinema has been my obsession, as a spectator and creator . This is my fourth short film after “Garand ” , “Girl in Landscape” and ” Holy Gloria” Shall we shoot a film?.