HORROR SCRIPT MOVIE: Inked In Blood, by Paul Corricelli

Originally posted on Festival for HORROR:
https://youtu.be/5OXpTyRP82s Synopsis: A tortured, tattooed man returns to the town he ran away from as a child to exact his revenge on all those who wronged him. Not only to mend the shattered pieces of his own life, but for his mother’s suffering as well, and ultimately face the…

Director Biography – Cameron Currin (KUSHKATA)

Cameron Currin is an up and coming self taught Director, Cinematographer, Writer and Editor. His first short film “Kushtaka” was filmed in Kodiak AK, but he has worked on other productions including several Youtube channels, a locally broadcasted television crime series, and more. He is an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard,… Continue reading Director Biography – Cameron Currin (KUSHKATA)

Short Film: KUSHTAKA, 16min., USA, Horror/Thriller

Based in the 1900s, a recently widowed prospector remains alone in the Alaskan wilderness during his desperate search for gold. Something has been stalking him from the trees. Can he find his fortune and leave Alaska for good, or will he lose the only real valuable thing he has left, his own life? Project Links… Continue reading Short Film: KUSHTAKA, 16min., USA, Horror/Thriller

Director Biography – Francis Galluppi (HIGH DESERT HELL)

Francis Galluppi is a filmmaker with a dark, unsettling tone that runs through most of his work. At a very early age, he would remake scenes from his favorite films using In-camera editing. He later began playing drums in a punk band, and developed a strong “do it yourself” mentality. With that mindset, he is… Continue reading Director Biography – Francis Galluppi (HIGH DESERT HELL)

Director Biography – Romén Rivero (NIGHT OWLS)

Romén Rivero was born in Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, in 1979. Without specific studies in cinema, he read filmmaking books and watched dvd’s special features as his only “film school”. Romén is passionate about fantastic and horror genre since his childhood and has written, produced and directed three indie shorts related to… Continue reading Director Biography – Romén Rivero (NIGHT OWLS)

Short Film: NOCTAMBULOS (NIGHT OWLS), 8min., Spain, Horror

In the middle of the night, a group of teenagers practice skateboarding without notice that somebody is watching them from the shadows. One of the girls separates from the group to return home through the lonely streets of the city and someone follows her. Project Links  Website  Facebook  Twitter News & Reviews “Noctámbulos (Night Owls)… Continue reading Short Film: NOCTAMBULOS (NIGHT OWLS), 8min., Spain, Horror

Short Film: S, 29min., Spain, Horror/Thriller

Mary, a recent graduate, travels to Spain for an internship at a mental hospital. In addition to facing the difficulties of living in a foreign country, she will meet the first patient she must treat. This will affect her in a way she hadn’t expected. Project Links  Website  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram News & Reviews ”… Continue reading Short Film: S, 29min., Spain, Horror/Thriller

Director Biography – Bessy Adut (THE ESCAPE ROOM)

Bessy is a film director, producer and screenwriter resides Los Angeles, California. She holds an MFA in Film Directing from CalArts as a Fulbright Scholar and a BA in Film & Television from Istanbul Bilgi University. Most recently she graduated from UCLA Professional Screenwriting program developing two feature screenplays. She has a passion for satirical… Continue reading Director Biography – Bessy Adut (THE ESCAPE ROOM)

Short Film: THE ESCAPE ROOM, 17min., USA, Horror/Thriller

“Escape Room” is an award winning film (best screenplay, best editing, nominated for best film, best music score and best acting) about a brilliant student who is bullied in high school and suffers from OCD reluctantly joins her popular friends at a horror-themed Escape Room game. When the group realizes that a revenge-seeking Game Master… Continue reading Short Film: THE ESCAPE ROOM, 17min., USA, Horror/Thriller