Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988) — Random Movie Musings

A couple of collage kids macking out at the local lovers lane stop their smooching when they spot a shooting star in the sky and decide to follow it. After committing an act of trespass, they finally find the object from the sky, but instead of finding an asteroid, instead they find an oddly placed […]

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The Stuff (1985) — Random Movie Musings

Ex FBI agent David “Mo” Rutherford had taken up a new calling as corporate saboteur. His new job: Working for a loosely collected ice-cream conglomerate to investigate The Stuff, a new dessert craze that is sweeping the nation. People just can’t seem to be able to get enough of this innocuous looking white ‘dessert.’ The […]

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Kolobos (1999) — Random Movie Musings

Kyra and four new acquaintances answer an ad in the newspaper looking for potential participants (“freeloaders”) in some sort of documentary style experiment that will film all of their interactions while living together. So, it’s basically The Real World before all that crap got popular. What Kyra’s fellow lodgers don’t know is that she has some documented mental issues that she’s been working through and even has even been taking some medications for them. But whatever specter she may have hovering over her mental state seems rather mute when the posh residence they’re staying at goes into lock-down mode, trapping them inside with a bunch of laser tripped booby traps and a dark, faceless figure that seems intent on killing them one by one.

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Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971) — Random Movie Musings

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death is a low budget horror movie that keeps you guessing. It’s in the same vein of movies like The Haunting or even Jacob’s Ladder, in that you’re never quite sure what’s going on. With the main characters sanity thrown into question early on you feel much like Jessica, not knowing whether or not the events really happened or if it’s all just a product of her head.

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Satanis: The Devil’s Mass (1970) — Random Movie Musings

Satanis: The Devil’s Mass is a 1970 documentary about the then (relatively) newly established Church of Satan and its founder, Anton LaVey. The film focuses on interviews with LaVey, his family, church members and neighbors of the church. It also features footage of LaVey and others conducting and participating in several satanic rituals. You can […]

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Dead of Night (1945) — Random Movie Musings

A man invites several people out to his country farmhouse for the weekend. One of the guests, Walter Craig, has a strange feeling as he drives up to the house. It’s almost as if he’s been here before, but he’s sure he hasn’t. Not only that, but the other guest that have been invited also seem oddly familiar, though he’s never met them before in person…. Only in his dreams.

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Poster Art for THE NEW MUTANTS Created by Artist Orlando Arocena — Entertainment Updates

I’ve got a great piece of poster art to share with you for the upcoming Marvel film The New Mutants. The poster was created by artist Orlando Arocena. We’ve shared a lot of art from Arocena in the past. The dude is extremely talented, and I love the crazy and wild poster he created for […]

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McFry at the Movies: Gretel & Hansel (2020) — mcfryatthemovies

“Dig yourselves some pretty little graves, and dig one for your mother, too.” From previous reviews, you’ve gathered that my opinion of early-year horror is not favorable. The portion of the year comprised of January, February, and March is typically home to movies destined for the Island of Misfit Films. They don’t have a place […]

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From the Horror Seeker: Gozer the Gozarian —

Gozer, for all its wonder, seems to be a Deity without any definitive form or essence of its own, coming to our plain in a predetermined form given to it by its followers, then surrendering its essence to a champion of its worshipers to choose the form by which it will destroy the earth. As […]

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