HORROR Festival Testimonial – October 24 2018


Travis Darkow (HOW DID WE GET HERE?)

We just wanted to get our idea for this series out there, and try to get feedback on what works, what doesn’t work, what can be tweaked, and we have gotten really great feedback so far. It’s always nice to get feedback where you can tell the person actually read your script and put some effort in to their thoughts on the project. Unfortunately that’s not always the case with responses from film festivals, but your guy’s feedback has been excellent, and we’re excited to send in the 2nd draft as soon as it’s done.

‘Geraldine Hall’ is a Gothic Horror Fiction script, that emphasises on the unease of two orphan children, a brother and sister, as they’re adopted to Geraldine Hall, and the terror into which it quickly changes.


Charlie: Liam Kinahan
Stuart: John Leung
Narrator: Adrian Currie
Miss Bethany: Anjelica Alejandro
Mary Ann: Mandy May Cheetham

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By horrorfestival

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