Horror Festival Testimonial – August 6 2018

From Sean Elwood, Where the Bad Kids Go:

The idea of possibly having my script read/performed by actors was a major influencing factor as not very many festivals provide that as a perk to the officially selected script. I believe that reading the script by actors shines a spotlight on the script and gives it the recognition it deserves. It is also an amazing opportunity to promote the screenplay if the screenwriter wants to market it to investors or production companies by giving them something to watch/read along to. My thoughts and feelings regarding the initial feedback that I received was nothing but a positive experience. The feedback was wonderful and touched on many aspects of the screenplay that really had the gears in my head turning, and made me think more about the story or certain parts of the screenplay. It was nothing but positive suggestions to help make the script better, and was very professional and interesting to read from a screenwriter’s point of view.

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama

When Jesse returns to his childhood home after hearing about his abusive mother’s suicide, he soon discovers that something evil lurks within the depths of the house, and it’s been waiting for him to return after all these years.


Narrator: Val Cole
Jesse: Jolly Amoako
Helen: Alicia Payne

By horrorfestival

Festival for Horror Showcases the best of Horror Films and Screenplays from all over the world.

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