Twitter Short Story Winners for March 2016

WILDsound Festival

WILDsound has announced their 10 Twitter Short Story Winners for March 2016. The 2nd winners of 2016. Now their 140 character stories will be made into a video.

Read the 10 winners:

Reunited by DianesDigitals

The years flew by with him. The years dragged since he passed. Now it’s time to reconnect as he takes my hand and we share an endless kiss.

BIRDS by Goldie Alexander

cockatoos and
swoop over our garden to
dive swoop plunge plummet
whistle argue & quarrel
in their constant search for worms
and love

The Way We Were by John Halili

I’ve seen first hand how a friendship can die. From an unspoken truth that became an all too told lie. Now all I have left are the memories.

Steve/Stephanie by Julie Balloo

You didn’t see me, but I recognised you. Your dress and heels and newly sculpted breasts finally solved…

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