Get to know the Horror Short Film BOUDOIR, Playing at the Oct. 29th Film Festival

RSVP your FREE TIX for the HORROR/THRILLER SHORT FILM FESTIVAL – Thursday October 29 2015. Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto. Part of the Monthly FEEDBACK Film Festival.

One of the short films that’s playing at the festival is….

BOUDOIR, 9min, US, Horror/Mystery
Directed by Gina Lee Ronhovde

An agoraphobic photographer is psychologically tortured by a mysterious client during a routine boudoir photography session, escalating into a battle to stay alive.

Director Statement

“Cooper…the idea for this…really came from a dream?”

“Yes, Harry, it did.”

– Twin Peaks

The concept of BOUDOIR originally came from a terrifying, David Lynch-y-Twin Peaks-inpsired dream I had at age 13, where I stumbled upon a body wrapped in plastic.

In a panic, I called 911, and turned the body over, only to discover it was…ME.

Although BOUDOIR does not follow that dream per se, that revolutionary moment of discovering one’s own body was something I always wanted to see on a big screen.

Who would have ever thought that one day, David Lynch’s music collaborator John Neff (responsible for the music and sound of Mulholland Drive) himself would write original, Lynchian music for the short film that was originally, unconsciously inspired by a David Lynch creation like Twin Peaks?

A dream come true.

Funny how life comes full circle…

Extended Synopsis:

When a mysterious client begins posing for an agoraphobic photographer during a routine boudoir photo shoot, the session quickly takes a bizarre downward journey into the psychological depths of hell, escalating into a bloody battle to stay alive.

BOUDOIR stars Dominique Swain (LOLITA,FACE/OFF, ALPHA DOG) and Deneen Melody (THE PLAYBOY CLUB, ROSE WHITE), is written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Gina Lee Ronhovde, with cinematography by horror veteran Will Barratt (FROZEN, HATCHET I;II), special effects by Michael Del Rossa (300, I AM LEGEND) edited by Ed Marx (SWIMMING WITH SHARKS, JEEPERS CREEPERS) with sound and music by John Neff (THE STRAIGHT STORY, MULHOLLAND DRIVE).

With DAVID LYNCHS longtime music collaborator – MULHOLLAND DRIVE’S John Neff – adding his original Lynchian soundtrack to Boudoir, it truly pays homage to the Hitchcock-esque psychological thriller landscape. AWARDS: 2015 HOLLYWOOD REEL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL: *BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY *BEST DRAMATIC SHORT *WINNER: PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD BEST SHORT FILM

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