Get to know the Horror Short Film BELL TOWN ENIGMA, Playing at the Oct. 29th Film Festival

RSVP your FREE TIX for the HORROR/THRILLER SHORT FILM FESTIVAL – Thursday October 29 2015. Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto. Part of the Monthly FEEDBACK Film Festival.

One of the short films that’s playing at the festival is….

BELL TOWER ENIGMA, 10min, UK, Horror/Mystery
Directed by Daniel Reimer

The every-day routine of a Sexton is suddenly interrupted, when a mysterious phone ringing not only draws him deeper into the church, but also into hidden memories of his mind. As he follows the calling of his conscience he unveils his past and discovers the path of redemption that he ultimately must go in order to escape his torturing nightmares.

Emanuele Gabbi

Elizabeth Lockard

Key Cast
Oliver Lavery
Jared Morgan
Stephanie Lewis

First Assistant Directors
Annie Wood
Lex de Vroomen

Director of Photography
Frankie Contino

Art Director
Marianna Szekely

Yury Sharov

Sound Mixer
Stephanie Lapena

Hunter Noack

Title Theme Composer
Manuel Trillo

Sound Designer
Joshua Harvey

Camera Operator
Giacomo Hug

First Camera Assistant
Danny Ku

Second Camera Assistant
Eleanna Santorinaiou

Jason Kokkinakis

Yury Sharov
Lex de Vroomen
Stephen Chandler

Boom Operator
Emanuele Gabbi

Script Supervisor
Fitria Tjandra

Art Department Assistants
Jessica Barrell
Pilar Rivera

Make-Up Artist & Wardrobe
Carlie Siroko

Compositor & VFX Supervisor
Federico Ghetta

Stills Photographer
Elizabeth Lockard

Technical Coordinators
Alev Erdogan
Richard Hajdu
Michael Flack

Post Production Coordinators
John Danvoye
Tom Rowson

Associate Producers
Simon Flynn
Irina Guimaraes

Executive Producers
Anna MacDonald
Daisy Gili

By horrorfestival

Festival for Horror Showcases the best of Horror Films and Screenplays from all over the world.

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