Short Film: WHATKILLEDTIMMYBENSON, 14min., Netherlands, Horror

Directed by Nick Cremers
In a sleepy snow covered village Timmy Benson is being watched by a dark presence from the past.

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Director Biography – Nick Cremers

Born in the south of the Netherlands, Nick Cremers is a filmmaker who dips his toes in traditional film making as well as animation. He made his last work WhatKilledTimmyBenson, a 3D horror short animation over the course of 9 years by himself. Starting out with no knowledge of 3D and ending up with this moody piece of hard work. The shortfilm has an underlying metaphor for his wife’s depression and the powerlessness of the situation. This triggered the beginning of the movie and over time the story got a life of its own but the metaphor is still there for one who knows where to look.

Director Statement

I love going through the motions of making a film. I love to tell stories especially dark ones with whatever medium. I don’t mind reinventing the wheel since it gives great insight in the process of making a film. I like to do it all or be involved in every step of the way, there is just something about letting it all come together.

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