Director BIO: Hunter Collins (WHEN THEY COME)

Montreal-born Hunter Collins is a sophomore director and nationally headlining stand-up comedian in Canada. Though cursed with an impulse to tell horror stories, humor makes its way into all his work. His animated short, “Hawkeye Sucks”, was selected to several North American film festivals and garnered two “best animated short” awards, as well as a “best international director” nom.

Director Statement

This is a film about consequences, set to the backdrop of suicide coercion, shown through Trans-Carpathian undead lore. It was shot as an ambitious one-er, packed with creeps and jumps, to suck the viewer into the experience of how your life can completely derail in matter of real-time minutes.

The project came from a desire to tell a story about the inevitability of consequences. Good people get unfairly punished, bad people can be victims and the lines between aren’t always clear. We talk a lot about spectrums nowadays -in terms of say, cognitive abilities or sexuality- but morality is a spectrum as well. Debates in the media devolve over who is categorically wrong or right, but we seldom concede that often, people can be both or neither.

“When They Come” also asks the question, “How are we to behave when someone we barely know dies? What do we owe them?”

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