Short Film: DYSTOPIA, 21min., Italy, Experimental Horror

Dystopia is a journey through George Halles’ hallucinated unconscious mind populated by tormented memories, fears and drives. So the city in which he lives, Sendai City, is shown to us through an oniric and horrific look, becoming the representation of his mind and unconsciousness.

Voices, memories and images show us the life of George Halles. His traumas bring him to take his life and to be reconfigured in the body of a robot with a positronic brain that still contains memories from his human past. In a narrative loop, George Halles’ nightmares fight with the programming of his brain which follows Asimov’s Three Law of Robotics. The Laws speak to him throughout the movie from the lips of a spectral geisha. In this story, in which we can’t discern dream and reality, violences and crimes remain without an explanation. The only thing left is the geisha’s voice resonating and repeating the obedience to the laws of robotics.

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