Director BIO: Ty Clancey (THANK YOU FOR STAYING)

An international award-winning writer/director, Ty Clancey is a graduate of SMU School of Film and Media Arts and New York Film Academy. Born and raised in Iowa, Ty’s early credits include “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” before earning worldwide accolades with the comedy team “The Lost Nomads” featuring Josh Gad. Ty has directed two digital series for Fox; was E.P. and director of “Gigi: Almost American” on Hulu; wrote and directed over 75 episodes of “Marvel Mashup” on Disney XD; was show runner and director of the mystery mini-series “Cryptid” on History Channel and the Brazilian adventure series “Treasure Quest: Snake Island” for Discovery; directed the comedy series “This Isn’t Working” for ABCd; the immersive “People of Earth” VR experience at Comic-Con for TBS; and recently won a 2019 Clio Gold Winner Award and three Golden Statues at the 2019 ProMax Awards. His horror short “Thank You For Staying”, shot in quarantine, will make its premiere in 2020.

Director Statement

Originally written prior to the pandemic, this motion picture was made while in quarantine lockdown by convincing my wife (who has no prior acting experience) to play the lead. The two of us bootstrapped this movie all by ourselves, and are pretty proud of the effort. Thank you for watching.

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