Director Biography – Mitchell Branget (DREAMER’S JOURNEY)

Mitchell Branget is a passionate, Canadian writer, director, special effects/makeup artist, and production designer. He is currently attending the University Windsor, studying for his Masters degree in film production. While at the university he has written and directed a number of award winning short films such as Die Kiste: The Crate, and Dreamer’s Journey and has worked as a special effects artist on over 17 films and has directing experiences ranging from shorts to commercial advertisements.

Director Statement

Dreamer’s Journey was the final ‘calling card’ film I had the privilege of creating during my undergrad at film school. Dreamer’s Journey was filmed in six days with a student level budget($3.5k CAD), as this film was originally created for a ‘Senior Project’ class I was registered in while finishing my undergrad in film school. This film is a true passion project in every sense of the word, and the phenomenal dedication from the cast & crew is captured in the very essence of this film. We hope you enjoy our madness,
thank you.

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