Horror Festival Testimonial – May 18 2020

Screenwriter John Saunders (MIMICS)

My feed back on Mimics was the best I have ever received. It was detailed and very insightful. It pointed out areas that needed to be improved and areas that needed to be removed. It absolutely improved my script.

Watch the Screenplay Reading; 

A plane carrying two prisoners crash lands in North Carolina where hunters Ethan, Tommy and Dale come to their assistance. Major Reynolds and one prisoner, the attractive Amber, are the only survivors and are taken back to their hut. But the injured Reynolds warns Ethan that Amber is dangerous, and that the second prisoner must be found. Returning to the plane, Dale is killed by the second prisoner who ‘mimics’ his appearance to try and fool Ethan, but Ethan kills him. Alarmed by the discovery of a magazine featuring Amber, Ethan realises that she is also an alien. Convincing the others, a dangerous game of cat and mouse results in Ethan being the last to survive, but has the creature won and mimicked him?

Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Marine One: Hartley O. Gyamfi
Marine Two: Sheldon Graham

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