Director: Christopher Sferrazza (BEAST)

Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival

Director Biography – Christopher Sferrazza

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Originally a photographer, Sferrazza found a passion for cinematography and film during his time at New York Queens College, inspired by Italian Neo Realism films which influence his work to date. As to date he is an award winning TVC director, and has now turned his focus to long form, excited by the prospects of new media development.

Director Statement

Beast, a self-funded production, explores the extreme and haunting lengths people will go to in the name of love and family.

The twenty-minute film follows the relationship between grandmother and grandson and their unwavering commitment to one another in the face of a dark and twisted family history.

“I got thinking about love and family and how there’s so little we wouldn’t do to protect the people closest to us,” said Sferrazza.

“I wondered how far love could go; what extremes would we go to…

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