Director: Gabriel Galand (ABOVE THE MIST)

Director Biography – Gabriel Galand

Switzerland 6

Gabriel Galand is a film director and cinematographer from France, currently based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He started as a director in 2010 when he moved London, UK, to study the basics of filmmaking. Moving back to France in 2011, he enrolled at the international film school of Paris where he majored in cinematography. Upon receiving his bachelor of fine arts in 2014, Gabriel presented two of his short films “Cold Green Eyes” and “Horla” to festivals, receiving more than sixty selections around the world. Later, Gabriel moved to Seoul, South Korea where he directed commercials and videos for Korean and international brands, all the while collaborating with other artists. After spending a year and a half in Korea, Gabriel directed “Above the Mist”, a short film on assisted suicide, before moving back to France. Collaborating with a Swiss-American producer, Gabriel directed his fifth short film “Resilience” in Switzerland before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Director Statement

To whom it may concern,

I would like to submit my most recent short film, “Above the Mist” to your festival, a drama/thriller dealing with South Korea’s biggest struggle: being the country with the highest suicide rate in the world.

After living a year in Seoul, a beautiful, clean and modern city, I was shocked to hear so many people committed suicide. It is in fact estimated that around forty Koreans kill themselves every day, and most often in a violent way. It is said the high rate is due to stifling poverty in the elderly, with many of them feeling out of touch with the country’s modern culture and economy. But it’s also a big problem amongst the youth who are facing a strong social pressure to succeed and uncertainties about the economic future.

My film is a reflection of this social issue but also an advocation for a stronger fight against suicide. I believe Korea should invest more time into this issue, whether it’s in poverty relief or offering remedies to persons suffering from physical and/or mental pain.

As a director, I first envisioned this film as a fantasy but decided to go instead for a more crude approach, developing it into a drama/thriller. For this new project, I also wanted to experiment with the short film genre; firstly with the film’s structure, striving to make the narrative less predictable but also with the sound. In fact we did not record any sound on set, preferring to build the complete soundtrack in post-production. This was possible since we had few dialogue and worked extensively in post doing ADR, Foley and sound design.

I hope that the film will grasp your curiosity!

Best regards,


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