HORROR Feature Film of the Day: GESTATION, by Ntswaki Rampine


ACTORTitle: Gestation

Written by: Ntswaki Rampine

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror

Logline: An arrogant, naive teenage girl visits her uncle in a small remote town, there she meets a handsome young man that gets possessed by his jealous ghost mother.

Synopsis: A male figure drags an unconscious woman in a dark, misty forest. The woman is in a basement, tied up to a stretcher. The unknown male cuts the woman’s abdomen and takes out a lump of blood clot. He digs a hole outside and buries the woman alive.

3 years later, Ben Thorn is still searching for his wife. His brother in law Steve Coin drives his 17 year old daughter to come and stay with her uncle for a while to clear her head. There she meets Rod Dawn (25) in a grocery store, without Chelsea noticing he stuffs an old, dirty cotton sleeve underneath his coat on the wrist. Rod invites her to his cabin later, she gets to the cabin and Rod quickly puts on his t-shirt hiding human claw scratches and bruises on his back. Things get heavy between the two, while kissing on Rod’s bed, he slips his hand on Chelsea’s tummy and pulls away instantly, he tells her he can’t do this. Chelsea upset, leaves.

Chelsea gets home and Ben notices she’s upset and she doesn’t talk to him. In the morning, she apologies to Ben and goes to Rod’s place and apologies too, she confides in him how the death of her mother has never been easy on her. Afterwards they become close and Chelsea introduces Rod to her uncle.

Rod at his cabin gets intensively thrown out of the burnt nursery room by nothing, he has a terrified look on his face as he sits outside the room.

Over the next couple of nights, various paranormal activities occur : Chelsea taking a shower hears someone swing the door open and stack a pile of towels on the sink and she thought it was Ben but it wasn’t. One night, Chelsea sleeping, two skinny, burnt hands with human claws come out underneath her bed and slip under her pyjamas and presses on her tummy. Chelsea tries to get hold of Rod but he is ignoring her.

Dr. Smit stops at the cabin; as he’s walking towards the door a burnt pregnant woman wearing an old, dirty cotton maternity dress stands at the door angry, she vanishes as Dr. Smit gets to the door.

Rod finally decides to talk to Chelsea. He comes to her house and asks Chelsea to take off her shirt, he sees the nasty bruises and explains to her that his mother Ruth is the one who’s been hurting her. Chelsea is confused because she knows Rod’s mother died years ago in a fire. Rod explains that she still lives with him, she stays in the nursery room and she is a jealous woman and pregnant too.

Chelsea tries to tell her uncle about Rod and his mother but he wouldn’t listen to her. That night, Ruth attacks Chelsea and Ben at their house but Chelsea manages to escape to the dark forest. Chelsea gets to the cabin, Ruth fight and tries to kill her till Rod starts to resurface on Ruth, she then spits him out. Ruth then possesses Chelsea, shutting her in. Rod shouts at her mother to spit Chelsea out, Ruth spits her out. Rod tells his mother that he needs his life back and no matter what she will always be his mother. Ruth gives in and turns into a clearer not burnt any more ghost, she floats in the nursery room and all of a sudden something erupts from inside, shaking the entire cabin. Rod and Chelsea open the door of the nursery and it no longer burnt but a normal nursery room.

While Rod and Chelsea are in there, there is a knock at the door. Rod goes to see who it is, he comes back with a terrified face. A hand pushes him inside the nursery and Ben appears holding a syringe on Rod’s neck, Chelsea freezes, he injects it on Rod and knocks Chelsea out.

Ben drags unconscious Chelsea in the forest back to the basement of his house. Ben pushes Chelsea on a stretcher and stops below a roof light. The light beam illuminates Chelsea’s bloody face. Ben cries that Chelsea knew that his wife was cheating on him but she kept quiet. He takes out a glass bottle with jelly-like blood clot and he shows Chelsea his wife’s baby in the bottle, he says he saved the baby from hell and he’s going to do the same with Chelsea’s baby. He makes a deep cut on her abdomen. Out of the blue, Rod slams Ben on the face with an axe and rescues Chelsea but she has lost a lot of blood.

In the morning, the police, paramedics are at the scene at Ben’s house. Steve gets to the house and rushes to see his dead daughter and Ben. Steve fights Rod, blaming him.

Over the black screen : Steve Coin shot himself in Chelsea’s bedroom. Rod Dawn is currently in a mental institution.

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