HORROR TV PILOT of the Day: FIRESTORM, by Clayton Emery



Written by: Clayton Emery


Genre: Horror, War

Logline: Battle so fierce even Heaven and Hell step in… In LOST style, American GIs come to occupy St. Michel-Du-Lac, “the city of miracles”. German soldiers – fanatics, draftees, and family men – oppose them. As seen in flashbacks, everyone is a broken soul seeking something. Fighting surges amidst ruins, a cathedral, catacombs, woods, farmland, sewers. Caught in the middle are French Resistance, Gypsies, wilding teens, Vatican exorcists, mad scientists, treasure hunters, Jewish freedom fighters, wayward ghosts and the Devil’s own agent. As secrets unravel and the survivors battle to the town center, mysteries are solved but the underground horror escapes: victims of Hitler’s “poison pill” will unleash the Black Plague on Europe. As chaos and fighting blaze, Sgt Horse, a failed pacifist, must save humanity by calling in an air strike to obliterate the town in a firestorm – until a miracle sends the archangel Michael soaring into the sky!

WGA Registration: I260347

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