Every Genre Has Horror to Thank

MORGAN K TANNER, Writer of Horror

2325554084_c3c5dfd28a_bEveryone enjoys that feeling of being frightened. OK, so I’ve kicked things off there with quite a bold statement. Many of you may strongly disagree with that but if you do, you’re lying. Nah, just kidding, but I bet somewhere deep down there is feeling of terror you sometimes get that you don’t really want to admit to. And that’s fine, there is something of a mildly embarrassing taboo about opening up about things scaring you.

Now I’m not talking about the fear of upcoming surgery or a terrible illness that afflicts you or a family member, which is realistically scary, I mean made up stuff. And there’s plenty out there! Our rational minds are quick to rubbish such ideas as a horde of flesh-eating zombies, or aliens stealing our brains, or a two-headed demon monster serial-killing child molester hiding in the sock drawer.

You know it’s all pretend, it’s…

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