Bed Time Stories

Wordland Voyage

Mara’s sister and brother-in-law were out to attend someone’s wedding party and she had to babysit her four years old nephew, Eddie. Mara and Eddie were sitting in the living room and Eddie’s favourite cartoon show was playing on the T.V.

Mara looked at the wall clock and it was 11 p.m. It was late. Eddie had to go to school in the morning and she too had to get up early for college. So they should sleep now.

Mara turned off the T.V. She took Eddie to his room and tucked him in. She switched off the light and turned to him.

“Do you want me to tell you any bed time stories?” she asked him

“No, Aunt Mara,” he said, snuggling with his pillow. “Goodnight.”

“Good night, honey.” she said and turned to leave but he spoke again.

“And don’t worry about bed time stories. She tells me…

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