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I just wanted to write to say how much I appreciated your notes on my script. These notes were clear, precise and objective. They will be of great help to me in improving the script. It is so rare that a competition sends something like this that I wanted to say thank you. A few times I have received notes from other competitions that so obviously didn’t even read the script that these were shocking at how amazing they were. Alright, I’m gushing at how great you guys are so I’ll stop. But seriously, very helpful and thank you.
– Joe Ferrante (Feature Screenplay, Killer App.)

Get your script and story performed by professional actors at the Horror Festival. Get your Short Film showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival and get a audience video.

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March 25 2017

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Read reactions from recent writers and filmmakers who have had their work showcased at the Horror Festival.

I was delighted watching the feedback video! Short movies may be shown at several festivals, but it’s not every day that the creators of those shorts get real-time feedback from a live audience. It made me really happy. Thanks for that!
– Oliver A. Dubois (Short Film, 1500 Ninos)

Thank you for getting back to me and thank you for your comments. I have just finished a re-edit of the film to tighten the timings throughout the film and remove a few of the shots that should have gone at the first edit.
– Pete Tomkies (Short Film, TEAM)

The experience at the Horror Festival is always a great one! The feedback videos are a great tool to study and learn from and actually sitting in the audience during the screening gives alot of great perspective. Our upcoming short HEIR is Co-Produced by RED SNEAKERS MEDIA, a great Toronto Film team we had the pleasure of meeting at an event during the Festival run of our previous short WORM. I’ll always remember and credit WILDsound for that opportunity to meet new collaborators!
– Richard Powell (Short Film, Familiar)

Was influenced by a random tweet from the Horror Twitter account to join the contest. After putting off contests for years (I’m very self-critical) I decided to take a chance and enter the contest. I’m happy I did!
– Kyle Jenkins (Feature Screenplay, The Fix Factor)

The audience seemed to really like the film and that validates all the effort and creativity and sacrifices you make to bring something like this into reality. You hope what you create will connect with people and it seemed like my film did that. I also appreciate how smart the comments were. Folks really got into the spirit of what “The Blood Of Love,” is about, which is: How far would you go to hold onto the person you love?
– Jeff Meyers (Short Film, The Blood of Love)

I loved how professionally other scripts were performed at the festival WILDsound and wanted to have my script read as well.
– Alison C Hall (Short Script, Walk With the Devil)

I felt very honored and then curious to hear people’e reactions.
– Gina Lee Ronhovde (Short Film, Boudoir)

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