Interview with writer Tom Bleakley, Novel Winner for SERENITY

WILDsound Festival

    Watch the Novel Reading from SERENITY (Chapter 3) from the Writing Festival:

Performed by Alissa DeGrazia

Interview with Writer Tom Bleakley:

Matthew: What is your novel about?

Tom: Serenity is a legal thriller, a fictionalized version of a real case. The story revolves around an unfaithful husband headed toward divorce who is prescribed a drug notorious for causing the side effect of unremembered bizarre behavior, including homicide. The husband kills his wife., but claims to remember nothing about the incident The book asks, “Who is to blame?” Is it the husband who kills to preserve his fancy life style, or the avaricious drug company that attempts to hide news of the drug’s terrible effects to keep the billions of dollars of sales from crashing? The husband is tried for murder and he claims that the drug caused him to kill. A jury decides his guilt or innocence — or…

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