Feature Film Pitch: Modern Persecution, by Jennifer Cole

WILDsound Festival


ACTORTitle: Modern Persecution

Written by: Jennifer Cole

Type: Feature Film

Genre: History, Thriller

Logline: A bright, passionate woman must find her way out of an insane asylum after being summarily dumped there for questioning her husband’s religious doctrine.

Synopsis: Speaking up in Bible class is a risky proposition in an 1860s Calvinist church for Elizabeth Packard, the Reverend’s wife. Mrs. Packard knows this, but a combination of a passion for her religion and an bright mind forces her to question the church’s doctrine. While some in the Bible class welcome her ideas, others, including the Reverend Theophilus Packard find them threatening. The Reverend decides that his wife’s questioning is a sign of a “diseased brain.” His solution? Her permanent admission to an insane asylum. Reassured by a neighbor that a person could not be committed without a trial, Mrs. Packard rests easy, ignorant of the fact a married…

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