Watch Chapter 1 Transcript Reading of LIZARDIAN by MELISSA R MENDELSON. Performed by Amaka Umeh

Novel Writing Festival

Watch LIZARDIAN Transcript Reading:

Get to know novelist Melissa R. Mendelson:

1. What is your novel about?

Lizardian is a Horror/Science-Fiction Thriller that chases after the footsteps of Stephen King, X-Files, and Being Human. Its focus falls on Laurel, who struggles to finish out high school while under scrutiny for saving a life, but nothing and no one is what they seem. And a monstrous force has arrived in this quiet country town, and with it a stranger, who will bring this town to its breaking point, where no one might survive.

2. Why should this novel be read by people?

If there weren’t a demand for all things that go bump in the night, then CW’s Supernatural would not be on television for eleven years or signed for a twelfth season. FOX would also give up their search for new and groundbreaking television shows such as Almost Human, Lucifer…

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