Playing at Feb. 25th Thriller Film Festival – CHATEAU SAUVIGNON: TERROIR, 13min, USA, Horror/Family

Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival

RSVP your FREE Tickets to the best of Horror/Thriller Short Film Festival – Thursday February 25th, 7pm. Carlton Cinemas

Directed by David Maire


“Chateau Sauvignon: terroir” went into production near and around Hudson Valley, New York, in the spring of 2014. It was shot on the RED Scarlet in 5 days, primarily at Benmarl Winery, with a pick up day at Clinton Vineyards. “Chateau Sauvignon: terroir” is Michael Lorz’s (Nicholas) film screen debut. Anthony del Negro (Anthony) initially auditioned for the role of Nicholas. Adrienne Stern, known for “Broken English” (2007), “The Believer” (2001), and “Hellraiser” (2005), was the casting director for the film. Additionally, the film’s Special FX were helmed by head of the makeup department for NBC’s “The Blacklist” (2013-present), Anthony Pepe, also known for his work on “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” (2013) and “Sharknado 2: The Second…

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