Watch Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Thriller Short Film “1500 NINOS”

Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival

Deadline for Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival:

Watch Audience FEEDBACK of 1500 NINOS:

1500 NINOS, 6min, Horror/Mystery, Canada
Directed by Olivier A. Dubois

During his lifetime, a Mexican peasant collected all kinds of dolls and puppets he exhibited on his island for his own pleasure, but also to protect themselves from a ghost that haunted him.

Screenplay, Director, Cam, Editing: Olivier A Dubois

Coordination: Georgina Alcantara

Actor: Roberto Sanchez de la Vega

Technician: Ricardo Lopez

Sound design: Guillaume Birster

Duration: 5 :42

Quebec (Canada), Mexico

Filmed at “La Isla de las Munecas”, Xochimilco – Mexico, 2014
Post-production in Quebec City, Canada

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