Short Film Movie Review: ROBBIE THE RABBIT

Festival Reviews

Review of the short film ROBBIE THE RABBIT.
by Amanda Lomonaco

Played at the September 2015 WILDsound FEEDBACK Film Festival.

So this one was… particularly unique. The child actors were amazing and the story itself, though rather dark, maintained a certain level of innocence and comedy throughout. The end, however, could be described as somewhat off-putting.

Most classical stories tend to at least attempt some form of morally acceptable conclusion, and something about a story involving children seems to cry out for a “moral of the story”. Robbie the Rabbit, on the other hand, seems to have selected the unexpected as its ideal conclusion. Although the finale is alluded to throughout the film, some part of you can’t help but resist the idea that such an ending is even possible. Perhaps it was that very resistance that the filmmakers were attempting to invoke, forcing the question of why we…

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