Interview with 1st AD Mathew Dunne (War for the Planet of the Apes)

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The role of an Assistant Director on a film includes tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranging logistics, preparing daily call sheets, checking cast and crew, and maintaining order on the set.  It was a pure pleasure to sit down with 1st Assistant Director Mathew Dunne.…

TV Festival Announces its January 2016 Screenplay Winners

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Watch each winning screenplay performed by professional actors.  Deadline to Submit your TV PILOT/SPEC to the Festival: TV PILOT – LACIE BIDWELL January 2016 Reading Written by Jameel Khan SYNOPSIS: LACIE BIDWELL is about a girl who’s father created a zombie virus that killed thousands. It’s twelve years…

Adventure Logline of the Day: LEIV EIRIKSSON, by Magne Hovden

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Submit your Action/Adventure screenplay to the festival today: LOGLINE PITCH: Title: Leiv Eiriksson Written by: Magne Hovden Type: Feature Film Genre: History, Biography, Adventure Logline: LEIV EIRIKSSON will be the first feature film to tell the epic and historically significant story of Leiv Eiriksson’s incredible…

Horror Screenplay of the Day: WALK WITH THE DEVIL by Alison C. Hall

Submit your Horror Screenplay to the Festival Today:

2015 Thriller/Suspense Short Films

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Short Films in the Thriller/Supsense Genre that was showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. CLICK the links and learn more about the films. Plus, watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos for each film. MEDIATION WATCH Audience FEEDBACK Video 2015 14min, USA, Thriller/Film Noir A PEACEFUL MAN WATCH Audience…

Today’s Thriller Screenplay Reading: THE MANTLE by Frank Edward Kelly

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Submit your Thriller/Suspense Screenplay to the Festival: THE MANTLE Written by Frank Edward Kelly Read 10 Questions with the writers SYNOPSIS: The Mantle is about an FBI agent trapped in a mysterious, snowbound town who stumbles on a series of unearthly deaths that mirror a…

Comedy Logline of the Day: HOOMANS, by Christoph Furian

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Submit your Comedy Screenplay to the Festival Today: LOGLINE PITCH: Title: HOOOMANS Written by: Christoph Furian Type: Feature Script Genre: Comedy, Horror Logline: When the last remaining clique of zombies, led by the perpetual medical student who’s responsible for the zombie apocalypse, tries to find a cure for their zombie…